Company Secretarial

We tailor our scope of services to our clients requirements. Below are the services we can provide:

Standard inclusions (fixed monthly fee)

Appointed Company Secretary

ASX Reporting

  • Primary ASX contact
  • Prepare and/or review ASX announcements (with input from directors and management)
  • Lodgment of board-approved ASX announcements
  • Provide input for Annual Report

ASIC Regulatory Compliance

  • ASIC registered agent of the Company
  • ASIC reporting and compliance matters
  • Filing statutory notices (i.e. change of registered office, company name, appointment and resignation of company offices, allotment of shares, etc)

Corporate Governance

  • Maintain the Company’s corporate register records
  • Prepare and report on corporate governance policies and compliance
  • Annual insurance renewals

Board Meetings and Reporting

  • Preparation and circulate board packs
  • Attend and provide input at board meetings
  • Prepare and circulate minutes of board meetings
  • Prepare board resolutions and circular resolutions

Shareholder Notices

  • Issuing share certificates
  • Preparation of standard notice of annual and general shareholder meetings
  • Preparation of chairman’s script
  • Attend and prepare minutes at shareholder meetings

Liaison with Advisors

  • Instruct and liaise with Company’s share registry (i.e. new security issues)
  • Liaison with Company’s appointed lawyers
  • Incorporation of new entities
  • Introduction to and liaison with our network of trusted advisors (auditors, insurers, share registry, corporate lawyers (as required))


  • Preparation and review of standard contracts

Non-standard (additional fee)

  • Significant transactions (refer Other (Transactions))
  • Assist Company’s appointed lawyers with significant legal/litigation matters in capacity as appointed Company Secretary)
  • Facilitation of any regulatory investigations
  • Exclusions / Not Provided

We are not qualified corporate lawyers

  • Investor relations (i.e. responding to shareholder queries, preparation of company presentations)
  • Human resources
  • Managing shareholder attendance and voting at shareholder meetings (to be managed by share registry)

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